Coaching & Leadership Development

The old way of doing things helped you get to where you are. To see a new desired outcome, you must take new actions.

Ontological Coaching is an extraordinarily powerful methodology for effecting change for individuals, teams and organizations. It is highly effective because it is based on a new deeply grounded and practical understanding of language, moods and conversations for behavioural and cultural transformation.

Erica is a Certified Master Level II Practitioner of the Hermann Brain Dominance Instrument and a Newfield Network Coach. Her mindful and direct approach to coaching gets to the root of the barriers to achieving your goals. She draws upon these leading-edge coaching certifications and 30+ years in training to help individuals see the change they wish to see in their personal and professional lives.

The Newfield Network teaches that the results you seek are greatly influenced by the way you speak, the way you listen and by your emotions, your moods, and your physiology and presence. Erica’s coaching methodology helps you see yourself and others in a whole new way, illuminating pathways that you may never have considered of before. You will gain insights into the various systems in which you play a role, revealing the power you hold in seeing change. In doing so, participants break the old habits and ways of doing things that aren’t producing the desired outcomes. With commitment and practice, this coaching experience will create lasting change and transform your habitual ways of acting.

Through powerful conversations, Erica’s Professional Coaching & Leadership Development helps individuals and teams create new practices, and sustain them in the face of daily pressures and demands.


Uncover the power you hold to create change. Conscious Leadership works on a continuous growth model for sustained transformation in the way you communicate with others and work toward your goals. Start to become an observer of your own actions, communication styles and patterns that shape the results you see.

Take charge of your business and your goals by leveraging the strengths that lie in your own unique mindset. Start to become an observer of your own actions, communication styles and patterns that shape the results you see.

One of the biggest gaps in skills among the technical workforce is critical thinking, emotional intelligence and communication. Empower yourself with one-on-one coaching and leadership development designed specifically for leaders in technology

Generate breakthrough results and transform the way you operate in your professional and personal life through Coaching & Leadership Development with Erica Eileen Elam.