As an international coach and trainer, Erica Eileen Elam helps companies evolve with global trends through the development of conscious leadership and the smart integration of new technologies. For over thirty years, she has provided training, coaching and instructional design to senior leadership and corporate teams within the Federal Government, U.S. Military, NATO, and Fortune 500 companies in the United States, Asia and across Europe.

Born to American parents in the Philippines and raised in Katmandu, Nepal throughout early childhood, Erica fostered a deep sensitivity to the diversity of perspectives among people from a very young age. This appreciation is key to Erica’s success in enhancing the agility, innovation and collaboration of organizations.

She is a Certified Master Level II Practitioner in the Hermann Brain Dominance Instrument and a Newfield Network Coach. She draws upon these leading-edge coaching certifications and 30+ years in training to transform workplace dynamics and improve the performance levels of SMBs, tech-centric companies and leaders.

Erica is one of only a few global master instructors for Learning Tree International, responsible for screening and development through the world-class Train-the-Trainer program, on-going skills development workshops, and one-on-one mentoring. Since 1992, she has personally trained over 300 professional instructors through the Train-the-Trainer program and several thousand students in over 500 events.

Her mindful, tailored approach to training and coaching enhances communication and decision-making that directly impacts the long-term success and efficiency of an organization.

Erica offers full-customized workshops, webinars, multi-day courses and ongoing development in the following arenas: Agility & Innovation, Conscious Leadership and Influential IT.


  • Create more resilient, agile teams who are continuous learners and better communicators.
  • Move from isolated to cross-functional teamwork.
  • Create disruptive change. Close the gaps between core business and innovation.
  • Increase your own influence and learn to take action as your organization adapts to change.

  • Empower your IT Experts to become more effective communicators and collaborators.
  • Make rapid changes in technology work for your company.
  • Generate breakthrough results in your life and profession by embracing your strengths and taking action through one-on-one transformational coaching using Newfield Network’s ontological coaching methodology.